(AustenOnly’s photograph of Extras in “Meryton” taken during the filming of Pride and Prejudice 2005)

Costume Exhibits

Austen Attired: An Exhbition of Costumes from the film and TV adaptations of Sense and Sensibility (1995), Mansfield Park (2007), Pride and Prejudice (1995) and Emma (1996)

Costumes from Pride and Prejudice 2005


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Belton House , Lincolnshire (used for the interior and exterior shots of “Rosings”)

Belton House Exteriors

Belton House Interiors

Mr Collins’ Church

Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire, used for the interiors of Pemberley House

Sudbury  Hall Interiors Part 1

Sudbury Hall: The Great Staircase, Part 2 of the Interior Posts

Sudbury Hall: Part 3 of the Interiors Posts


Links to Posts on Locations used in Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Weekly Church and Montague’s Hospital, used as Mr Collins’ Church and Hunsford Rectory


St Peter Brooke (used for the interiors of Mr Collins’ Parish Church at Hunsford)


Meryton and the Meryton Assembly Rooms, Part One

Meryton and a Whole Campful of Soldiers, Part Two

Chatsworth (used as some interior and exterior shots of “Pemberley House”:

Chatsworth: The Gardens and Grounds

Chatsworth:  The Interiors

Chatsworth: The Vestal Virgin Statue

Burghley House, near Stamford as Rosings

1) The Heaven Room as Lady Catherine’s Drawing Room

2) The Bow Room as Lady Catherine’s Dining Room

3) Burghley Park


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Part One The Interiors

Part Two The Interiors

Part Three :The Exteriors