Jane Austen began to write Persuasion on 8th August 1815 and initially finished it on July 18h 1816. Unsatisfied with some aspects of the novel, she cancelled the greater part of the original chapter 10 and added  new chapters. The second and final version of Persuasion was finished on 6th August 1816. It is Austen family tradition that the novel’s original title was to be The Elliots.

The novel was published  after Jane Austen’s death on the 18th July 1817 ,in December of that year, along with Northanger Abbey. The title page of the first edition states that it was published in 1818. A brief Biographical Notice of the Author by Jane Austen’s brother, Henry was included in the first edition of volume I of the four volumes of Northanger Abbey (Volume I and II) and of Persuasion (Volumes II and IV).

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