This blog is devoted to Jane Austen, and more specifically her world, life and times. I have been enamoured of Jane Austen’s works since the age of 12. My home in the English countryside overflows with books written by her, about her and with my collection of  18th/early 19th century books, publications, maps and prints. I have been a member of the Jane Austen Society since the age of 16. In what now seems like a previous life, I was a solicitor, and I do love to disentangle Jane Austen’s early 19th century legal problems.

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In addition to this site there are three other sites of which I am the author ;  A Jane Austen Gazetteer. This site will eventually give details of all the places Jane Austen knew or referenced; Jane Austen’s Letters,  and I am delighted to write The Jane Austen’s House Musuem Blog on behalf of the Museum.

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The engraving illustrating the header to this blog is of Hamepstead Heath, near London circa 1818 from my collection of early 19th century engravings.

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