I am so pleased to be able to update you on this project, which I wrote about here.

Jane Austen's Pelisse                          © Hampshire County Council

Jane Austen’s Pelisse: ©Hampshire County Council

The Crowd Funding project has been wonderfully successful and the target of £500 has been reached ( in fact IIRC it was exceeded!)

As a result Hilary Davidson’s article on Jane Austen’s Pelisse, published in Costume, the publication of the Costume Society of Great Britain,  is now available to read freely by all and you can access it by clicking on this link here.

I have really enjoyed reading it: it is fascinating to discover the process whereby Hilary Davisdson concluded what Jane Austen may have looked like by taking the detailed measurements of the garment.

I was so very pleased to recognise many of the names of people who contributed financially to the project: I hate using this site to ask for money but thought that, as the amounts requested in this instance were relatively modest,  you wouldn’t think badly of it: and indeed, the evidence is that you didn’t! Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute. I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your philanthropy.

Once I receive the piece of silk, replicating the silk used in the Pelisse, I will, of course, write about it here!