Some of you know that I am a very poor video game player. However, I do like to try them and though I am totally frightened by the likes of Grand Theft Auto (Trevor is a menace to society) I did become quite proficient playing The Tweenies on Playstation ( making me then the envy of my very small children).  I have eventually mastered Mario Kart on Wi( though it has to be admitted I did so while under the dubious influence of prescribed beta blockers…) But at Animal Crossing I am supreme.

I have begged a computer programmer friend of mine to create a Jane Austen game for some time, but to no avail. However my quest for a virtual Austen world may be about to become reality. Well, virtual reality at least. Ever Jane is a proposed video game that is being touted for funding on Kickstarter.

Ever Jane

The game is a role playing game and gossip is the main weapon in your armoury. Your gaming status will be based on your rating regarding certain Austenian attributes : Duty, Happiness, Kindness, Status, and Reputation. How you interact with other characters determines your progress in the game as in the novels. You can choose certain character traits over others but this will determine how other characters react to you.

Ever Jane Game

Players will attend mini games of balls( see below) and dinner parties to build their character and will partake in activities such as sewing, hunting, fishing, piano playing, word games and that most aristocratic of all Georgian pursuits…landscaping. All very Austen, I’m sure you will agree.

Ever Jane Ball Scene

Here is the video pitch by Judy Tyler of 3 Turn Productions and it contains (at the beginning) examples of the video game footage. 

Go here if you’d like to donate funding to the project:they have until 2nd December to reach their target. My only fear is that this could becomes the procrastination tool par excellence….