The Jane Austen's House Museum's Celebratory Cake

The Jane Austen’s House Museum’s Celebratory Cake

Most newspapers and news channels here carried an item about the celebrations for Pride and  Prejudice 200, and I thought you might appreciate a look at some of  them.

The BBC had some great pieces produced by  their main news programmes. Will Gompertz did this lovely piece, with interviews with P.D. James and  Helen Fielding: go here to see it and there was also this interview with Joanna Trollope on line ( which was filmed at Chawton yesterday for you can see “Jane Austen” (ahem) sitting at her desk in the background) A noted Janeite, I love Joanna Trollope’s passion for Jane Austen and the novels so eloquently expressed here.

Channel 4 News had a couple of entertaining pieces: go here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see them. There is also a discussion…Jane Austen as Chick lit (shudder)

Newspapers local to Chawton had a ball: The Basingstoke Gazette had this very interesting account of the day at the Jane Austen’s House Museum And the Southern Daily Echo carried this piece

My dear friend Jane Odiwe took part in the BBC Breakfast News’ celebrations: Go here to see an article which concentrates on sequels, and the Darcy  “wet shirt” phenomenon.

There are lots more articles out there,as evidenced from the contents of my Twitter feed, but I liked these the best ;)