I’m sure many of you will be pleased to note that you can now order the Jane Austen Commemorative stamps which will  issued by the Royal Mail on the 221st February 2013 to celebrate the bicentenary of the first publication of Pride and Prejudice.  Cynthia of Jane Austen Castellano has very kindly informed me that you can now order the Jane Austen Commemorative Stamps directly from the Royal Mail via this link, here to their online shop.


In addition to the set of six stamps, above, there are four other items available to order:  the presentation pack


which will also contains an essay by P.D. James.

Cards of the stamps:


a set of six cards showing enlarged versions of the illustrations.

And finally, two first Day Covers. First Day Covers for UK addresses which will be posted to you and will bear the postmark of Jane Austen’s birthplace: Steventon, Basingstoke.


and you may also order First Day Covers for posting to overseas addresses.