Some of you very keen souls have sent emails to me asking when I’m going to begin my celebratory Pride and Prejudice posts…so,to have a little mercy on your poor nerves, I thought I ought to tell you all that they are scheduled to begin on the 28th January, as that date marks the 200th anniversary of its first publication by Thomas Egerton.

Austenonly P+P 200 Logo

All the special Pride and Prejudice posts will have this logo, above, attached to them, and will have their own category/tag should you wish to search for them in the future once they have disappeared from the opening page of the site. I am so looking forward to beginning this series, as this book was my introduction to Jane Austen and her world, a situation common to many of you, no doubt,  and this interest has taken me down many unexpected and interesting alleyways all my life, since the age of twelve. I’m looking forward very much to sharing some of them with you this year, so  do mark the 28th of this month in your diary :)