Harper Collins, Paula Byrne’s publishers have asked me if I would share this video with you. In it Paula Byrne tells us of her approach to her biography of Jane Austen, which will be published later this month.

In the video, she tells  how, in her new book, she reveals Jane Austen’s story not as a “cradle to grave” chronological narrative, but centres each chapter on an object that Jane Austen owned or which was mentioned in her novels.

As you all are fully aware, I am still not convinced that the portrait of “Jane Austin” which Paul Bryne brought to our attention last year, really  is of our most beloved author, and so I will be looking very closely at the chapter in which she deals with this  troublesome object!

However, as a taster, this video, filmed in the restored kitchen at Chawton cottage, certainly whets the appetite.

I will of course be reviewing the book later this month, and I do hope you will be back to read my thoughts on it.