Here  are the answers to the Mastermind quiz ( in bold type,  under their respective questions)  for those of you who attempted them, after reading my last post:

1. What was the first of Jane Austen’s novels to be published ? It appeared in 1811 and was described as being “ by a Lady” ?

Answer: Sense and Sensibility

2. In Pride and Prejudice, who married Mr. Collins after Elizabeth Bennet rejects his proposal?

Answer: Charlotte Lucas

3. In Emma, at the ball held by Mr. and Mrs. Weston, who turns down an invitation to dance with Harriet Smith with the excuse that he is ” an old married man and his dancing days are over” ?

Answer: Mr Elton

4.The final chapter of which novel opens with the line:

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. I quit such odious subjects as soon as I can…?

Answer: Mansfield Park

5. Darcy writes to Elizabeth after she rejects his proposal of marriage. In the letter who does he say Wickham had tried to elope with?

Answer: Georgiana, his sister

6. In Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland spends two years from the age of 15 to 17 reading books that would supply her with useful quotations.What role is she said to have been in training for?

Answer: Heroine

7 .In Mansfield Park , what does Mary Crawford give to Fanny to wear at the ball Sir Thomas holds for her and he brother, William?

Answer: Gold Chain.( Note the official answer given by John Humphreys appeared to be “ gold necklace“. Ms. Winter, the contestant,  rightly answered “gold chain” and though her answer was accepted it was “corrected” by John Humphries to “Yes, gold necklace”. That may account, IMVHO, for her answering  the next question incorrectly)

8. In whose shop in London,where she is arranging for the sale of some of her mother’s jewels, does Elinor Dashwood unexpectedly meet her brother, John?

Answer: Grey’s ( of Sackville Street)

9. In Persuasion, what is the name of Sir Walter’s home in Somerset that he has to let to Admiral and Mrs Croft because he can no longer afford to live there?

Answer: Kellynch Hall

10. In Emma what position in the village of Highbury did Mrs Bates’ husband hold before his death?

Answer: Vicar. Note that the contestant answered “Rector” to this question,which, technically and for very good reasons, is not correct, but her answer was accepted.

11. The Militia regiment in Pride and Prejudice had their winter headquarters in which town near Longbourn which is also home to Mrs Bennet’s sister?

Answer: Meryton

12. When Sir Walter Elliot notices his daughter Anne’s improved looks he assumes she has been using a particular lotion which he also claims has “carried away Mrs Clay’s freckles”. What is the name of the lotion?

Answer: Gowland

13. To which of his daughters does Mr Bennet say, after she has performed a second song:

“That will do extremely well, child. You have delighted us long enough. Let the other young ladies have time to exhibit” ?

Answer: Mary Bennet

14. In  Mansfield Park what is the title of the play the young people are planning to perform until Sir Thomas Bertram arrives home and puts a stop to it?

Answer: “Lover’s Vows”

15. In Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland is first introduced to Henry Tilney in the Lower Rooms in Bath by Mr King. What position did Mr King hold there?

Answer:  Master of Ceremonies

16. Emma’s good opinion of Frank Churchill is shaken when she finds out the reason for his sudden trip to London. What was it?

Answer: To get a haircut.

Ms Winter had a total of 15 correct answers (and no passes) at the end of round one. After the second round her total score was 24 points and she ended, sadly, in fourth place. That means, of course,  that she will not have the opportunity to go on further into the competition and we will not be able join her  in attempting any more questions on this subject during this particular season. But I hope you have enjoyed taking part :)

I thought the questions were fair ( but the answers, or the way they were given, might have been a little confusing; at least I know I would have been disconcerted by the “correction” given to the correct answer to question number 7!) And yes, I did get every one correct. As verified by my son who was very carefully watching my performance on Friday evening:  he is a strict adjudicator and would comment here if I misled you, have no doubt!  The programme is available to view for another four days on the BBC iPlayer, here if you would like to see it whole .