Hall's Circulating Library at Margate, circa 1805

Hall’s Circulating Library at Margate, circa 1805

I will be away for a couple of weeks on holiday from today, so no more posts from me for a while.  Do enjoy the archives while I’m away. I’m not sure that anything I’m going to be doing or seeing will be Jane Austen related, but  if I can winkle any Janeite items out I will ;)  I doubt I will be Tweeting, but I can envisage me adding pins on Pinterest in the (hopefully) cool evenings, so if you would care to, look out for me there.

If you are holidaying, then I hope you have a lovely time and, if you are in the UK, I hope summer will finally arrives for you …it has to arrive at some point this year, surely?

I’ll be back soon, and so….Adieu!