A very dear Austrian friend bought this to my attention today, and I found it so fascinating, I thought you’d like to see it.

Literary Map of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

This literary map was designed and made by Geoff Sawyers and is for sale via  The Literary Gift Company. It is really charming: intricate and beautifully penned. I loved searching for my favourites, and checking that my local notables-John Clare and Fanny Burney- are included.(They are.)

I have to confess it took me an age to find Jane Austen as I had expected her to be in Hampshire, not far from the Isle of Wight. She is in fact to be found  near Bath, which I suppose she might have objected to, and the inhabitants of Hampshire will probably be most aggrieved at this placing:

Section from the Map showing “Jane Austen”

But at least she is “there”. There are other maps available: Wales

The Literary Map of Wales

and the United States of America

The Literary Map of the United States of America

Needless to say….one has now been ordered, and I do look forward to others. Perhaps Eire might be next?