I discovered the existence of these posters a little while  after Christmas. Imagine to yourselves my despair!  The chance to give a very different type of Jane Austen gift had slipped through my fingers…next year it will be remedied.

Spineless Classics are simply a wonderful idea. The concept is quite simple:  take a whole novel and print it on one page- legibly, mind- , as a wallposter, often with a silhouette in the design that is appropriate to the novel/book in question.

Pride and Prejudice has been given the Spineless Classics treatment, complete with a silhouette of Darcy and Elizabeth (inspired by the 2005 version with Keria Knightly, if I am not mistaken) set into the text…

Three other works by Jane Austen have been similarly treated. Mansfield Park, below, with a ghostly silhouette of “Mansfield House” hugging the bottom line of the design :

Emma, which contains the silhouette Of L’amiable Jane , a silhouette supposedly of Jane Austen that is now in the National Portrait Gallery’s Collection;

and finally Persuasion:

I’ve not yet seen one of these poster in real life, but they are supposed to be legible, especially if you have 20-20 vision.

In addition to posters, the same company provide sets of postcards which have a complete short story printed on them; below we have the example of the tale of How the Camel got his Hump from the Just-So Stories by Rudyard Kipling…

And for a limited time they are selling an Alice In Wonderland jigsaw…I covet it.

Other authors than Jane Austen have had their titles given the Spineless treatment. My favourite  has to be Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie:

Ideally, I can envisage using these to wallpaper a small room….I thought you might like to share them too. Roll on next Christmas, as I’m sure some of my fellow Janeites will find these in their festive stockings.