On this, the  236th anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth, I really do hope ( fingers crossed!) that you will all be pleased to hear of my new venture.

I am terribly honoured to be involved with the launch of the Jane Austen’s House Museum’s new blog, which you can access here

The idea behind the blog is to share the life of the museum with everyone, wherever you are in the world.

So….We will be bringing you news of the events and  exhibitions held at the Museum, together with regular reports on the gardens, the objects in the museum’s collection and there will be also opportunities to virtually meet the staff, the volunteers and guests.

I do hope you will join us over there for all the fun, on the day when entrance to the museum is free and all visitors are offered a celebratory  cup of coffee and a mince pie. On this cold, wintry and  snowy day, reminiscent of the weather when Jane Austen was born in Steventon  in 1775, I’m sure these offerings will be very welcome! Do join us, won’t you?