Only recently did I notice that Ivan Day of the Historic Food website has begun to write a blog. So, naturally, I simply had to share it with you….Here, below,  is one of my photographs of Ivan slicing a home cured ham taken when I attended his Georgian Food course, set in his 18th century Cumbrian kitchen:

Historic Food Jottings was launched in August, and I think it will prove to be another treasure trove for enthusiasts of the history of food. Treasures to be found so far are Ivan’s magnificently elaborate Twelfth Night cake for this year, which is to be raffled on behalf of a local Cumbrian charity:

©Ivan Day

You will recall I had a magical time making one of these fabulous creations on Ivan’s A Taste of Christmas Past course.

Another post gives the story of  how Ivan recreated Elizabeth Raffald’s second course as illustrated in her book, The English Housekeeper  for the Rienzi House Museum at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston:

©Ivan Day

Here is a fascinating but  short video where Ivan describes the food used in the recreation:

You can learn how to make a Solomon’s Temple in Flummery , below, which is one of Mrs Raffald’s dishes,  and which features in the display above.


Ivan has very forthright views on the accuracy of reports on historical food, and his remarks on  The Great British Bake Off and Sophie Dahl’s Mrs Beeton programme are very entertaining and pull no punches. So, if you are looking not only for a good read on fascinating historical items  but also for some trenchant comments, then this is the blog for you!