Yesterdays episode of the BBC2 programme, The Antiques Road Trip, a spin-off from the BBC1 programme, Bargain Hunt, was partly filmed in Chawton,

and featured Jane Austen’s House Museum.

I thought you might like to see some images from it.

The programme is a gentle jaunt about the country in the company of two auctioneers/experts who buy and sell antiques on the way, all the profits to benefit charity. The programme makes stops at various spots of interest along the road trip route, and in episode 15 of the third series, Paul Laidlaw took the opportunity to pay a visit to the Jane Austen House Museum.

He was greeted at the door by Louise West, the museum’s curator…

and was taken to see the dining room…

where the tiny but very important table where Jane Austen sat, revised and wrote all six of her finished novels


was admired and wondered about.

He also visited the new study area in the museum- which used to house its tiny shop ( now in a much larger and better situation in the restored barn! ) where a first edition copy of Sense and Sensibility– appropriately enough in this its anniversary year- was on show.

If you can try and watch the programme on the BBC Iplayer- it is available for another six days and the Jane Austen House part of the programme  is approximately 25 minutes into the programme. Paul Laidlaw was obviously  quite taken with the museum and asked some interesting questions. Its well worth a look .