For those of us who were charmed by her TV performance in If Walls Could Talk which was broadcast on BBC4 earlier in the year, there is good news: Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator of the Royal Historical Palaces,  has been filming a series of three programmes about The Prince Regent and his era again for BBC4, to be broadcast later in the year.

This is how she describes it on her blog:

Let me fill you in on this Regency project – it’s in three parts, for brilliant BBC4 once again (yes, the brainy channel).  The Prince Regent officially became ‘acting king’ in 1811, two hundred years ago, and the series is probably going to be called Elegance and Decadence (two lovely words which seem to sum up his nine-years reign as Regent before he properly became King George IV in 1820).  When all is edited I think we’ll have an hour on the corpulent Prince of Whales himself, beginning of course at our beautiful Kew Palace where he grew up, great events and great artists (Lawrence and Turner) and the Battle of Waterloo. Episode Two is planned to be about architecture, Brighton Pavilion, Windsor Castle, the property market and the middle classes, and there’s a bit of my all-time favourite Regency person Jane Austen.  We finish with an hour of sedition, violent protest, the Peterloo Massacre, industrialisation, royal divorce and dissent.  Fun, huh?

Fun, indeed.

Over the past few months, while filming the series, she has been dandying about with Ian Kelly, author of a really good biography of Beau Brummel,  The Ultimate Dandy, delving into the correspondence of Lady Caroline Lamb, flying in hot air balloons over Bath (how horrifying!) and dancing with tons( excuse the pun) of Regency dancers.


I’m so looking forward to this series, because, as you all know, Jane Austen is my all time favourite Regency person too. I will, of course, keep you informed of broadcasting times and other developments ;)