Sarah Helsby Hughes, the Artistic Director of Heritage Opera, and a most vivacious Miss Crawford in their production of Mansfield Park, which had its first performance on Saturday at Boughton House, Northamptonshire , has very kindly sent me these fabulous photographs of the cast. They were taken just before the performance on Saturday evening in the balmy sunshine of that wonderful night.

I thought you might like to share….All the photographs in this post are ©Heritage Opera and are reproduced here with their kind permission.(And do remember that you can enlarge all the photographs by clicking on them!)

Here we have Sarah as Miss Crawford, and Nicholas Sales as Henry Crawford, standing before the North Front of Boughton House, just about to bring their London fashions and morals to Mansfield and to throw all into utter confusion…..

Here are, from left to right, Eloise Routlegdge ( Maria Bertram), Serena Wagner ( Fanny Price) and Paloma Bruce (Julia Bertram).

From left to right we see Thomas Eaglen ( Edmund Bertram), Sarah Helsby Hughes (Mary Crawford), Eloise Routledge (Maria Bertram) and Darren Clarke ( Mr Rushworth).

The “Happy Couple”..Mr and Mrs Rushworth…..and finally, the whole ensemble….

From left to right, Henry Crawford ( Nicholas Sales), Julia Bertram (Paloma Bruce), Mary Crawford ( Sarah Helsby Hughes), Fanny Price (Serena Wagner), Sir Thomas ( John Rawnsley), Lady Bertram – sans Pug- (Nuala Willis), Mrs Norris ( Brigit Rohowska), Maria Bertram (Eloise Routledge) and Mr Rushworth (Darren Clarke).

And here is something to give you a little taste of the music, is a preview of the opera, a short film produced by Heritage Opera: