Recently I have had a few emails from posters wanting to post comments, but they are experiencing a problem. They can’t find the Comments Box.  It used to be situated immediately under the post, or under the last comment made, but it’s not there any more…well, it is, but it’s rather difficult to find it.

Let me explain.

It would appear that while I was on holiday Word Press have made some alterations to the theme that I operate on this site and the Comments Box is now to be found right at the bottom of the page. So…. if you scroll down(and down and down) until you can scroll down no further, then the new style Comments Box ( with new buttons to allow you to comment on Facebook and Twitter etc) will be found and you can make a new comment there. Your comment will then appear under the post as normal.

Alternatively, if you click on the “add a comment”  link, to be found under the header to the post, or , if a comment has already been made, on the “2 comments ” link (or whatever the number of comments has been made is!)  you will then be taken directly to the Comments Box.

This is not a particularly helpful situation: I could shorten my sidebar, which determines the length of the page, to bring the Comments Box higher, but there is a lot of helpful information there, so I am loath to do that.

I will be asking WP to help resolve this rather ungainly situation on Monday, but in the meantime if you want to comment, please scroll down right to the bottom of the page and I do apologise for the confusion this has caused.