Andy English, my  Twitter friend, fellow Fenlander and fabulous illustrator of Philip Pullman and Susan Hill’s books, amongst others, alerted me to this item last week and I thought I ought to share it with you.

The Bowler Press of North Vancouver Canada have produced Captain Wentworth’s letter, THE Letter,  for fans of Persuasion. It was first made available to purchase on the 14th February, hence the reference to St Valentine’s Day in the header.  It has been beautifully printed as if it had been written on stationary that could have been found and used by visitors to the White Hart Inn in Bath which is where the Musgroves were staying in the novel. Complete with appropriate logo….

This is a fun idea. It comes compete with a snazzy envelope and is produced in a limited edition of 200.

Each set is priced at $25 Canadian dollars. Go here to order it. My only quibble is that the White Hart was really a great coaching inn, and was not known as a “hotel” in Jane Austen’s time…but you would  expect me quibble, wouldn’t you ;)

Running with this Austen theme, the Bowler Press is now in the process of producing a similar copy of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth Bennet, written after his marriage proposal was rejected and while he was staying at Rosings. This should soon be available to buy, again for $25 Canadian Dollars. I’ll keep you informed of developments.

And, for the Austen theme does not end there, the Press are hoping to produce a three volume set of Pride and Prejudice…I will be intrigued to see what it looks like…

I do wish someone would attempt to reproduce a letter written by Charles Bingley , complete with ink blots and crossings out ;) But for now I am going to place some orders of these for myself;)