The most excellent Yale Centre for British Art, more correctly the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, has recently launched a new website.

If you go  here   you can access it. You can now search the marvellous online collections and find the most wonderful treasures there, like this portrait of the artist, George Romney’s brothers…

or George Morland’s slightly sentimental view of The Squire’s Gate, circa 1790:

The date vase is searchable by many different terms-artist, time period or relevant subjects, i.e. house, poor, landscape etc. .

And what is even more wonderful, in a stunning act of generosity, all the images there are now considered to be in the public domain and  can be freely used on websites etc provided accreditation to Yale is given.

How wonderful, what a boon to non-profit website all over the world, and I would love other institutions to follow their lead.