In our last post we talked about the exteriors of the Old Rectory at Teigh in Rutland, used as the Hunsford Parsonage in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Today, let’s take a look at the interiors.

The Hall is a room we see mainly when Charlotte and Mr Collins are leaving ,with Maria to yet another scintillating evening at Rosings in the company of Lady Catherine.

Poor Elizabeth is glad to see them go so she can throughly make  herself miserable by re-reading all Jane’s letters to her, for she is now, coourtesy of  Colonel Fitzwilliam,  in possession of the knowledge that Darcy did intervene to prevent Bingley from forming too strong an attachment to her sister. Badly done Darcy.

This is the most beautiful room, currently used by its owner as a guest dining room

In the adaptation it was painted grey but Mrs Owen has since painted it a more cheerful yellow.

The plaster work is stunning,and sets this room apart architecturally from the rest of the house.

The ceiling is amazingly detailed

The Staircase Hall again has some beautiful plasterwork decoration

with plaster pilasters, which boast  wonderful Corinthian capitals,which flank the arched window.

If we go up another flight of stairs we come to the room that was used as Elizabeth Bennet’s Bedroom.

And which looks out onto the church to the side of the house

The bed is in a slightly different position,as you can see….

But one original feature  still remains…..the corner closet

which had been so thoughtfully kitted out by Lady Catherine with…


What an orginal thinker she was….

Sadly, the shelves are not  normally kept in the closet for it is used as a wardrobe..but you can see where they would have been…

And finally , down one flight of stairs, to the sitting room on the first floor, which was backwards, and used by Mrs Collins to insulate her from the irritations of her husband’s company…..

where she could receive welcome guests, such as Colonel Fitzwilliam…

and where Lizzy would receive, rather awkwardly, less than welcome ones…

who made insulting proposals of marriage while the clock on the mantle was stuck at 18:17….;)

This room is a delightful sitting room, used by guests to the Rectory.

It is still decorated in the same wallpaper, which makes the room so instantly recognisable to admirers of this adaptation.

It is very easy to reenact that dreadful proposal scenes in one’s head as you sit in the room… vividly did that scenes impress itself on one’s memory.

And that ends our tour of the interiors…but fans of that adaptation will be pleased to note that you can actually stay at the Old Rectory for Victoria runs it as a thriving Bed and Breakfast business. If you go here you can access her website and make your booking. It is only 20 miles from Belton House, which was used as Rosings, and 16 miles from Stamford, the setting for Meryton in the other Pride and Prejudice, of 2005 with Matthew McFaddeyn and Keria Knightley. A perfect base for doing some adaptation based sight seeing;)