were all part of a sale held this week at Bonhams at Knowle, near Solihull.

Many of the lots dated from our period, so I thought you might be interested to see them (and the prices they raised).

The first is a lot is of  three 18th century baby’s caps and an 18th century baby’s vest decorated with Valenciennes lace: (do note, you can enlarge all these photographs by clicking on them)

This sold for £624 (all sale prices are shown inclusive of the buyers premium)

Lot 4 was an interesting apron dating from the early 19th century,which was tambour embroidered……

This lot sold for £600. Also included in the sale was a very lovely sampler, sewn in London by Margaret MacDowell…in 1813….I wonder if she had a copy of the then newly published Pride and Prejudice as her reward?

Sadly, this lot did not sell…….

And amongst the many, here are is one lot of 18th century fans….made of ivory and hand painted…

which sold for £1440. Here, below, are four late 18th century/ early 19th century Chinese brise fans…

which sold for £3,600.

The whole of the catalogue can be accessed here.….do enjoy trawling through it ;)