Today I have added a widget for the Austenonly photostream on Flickr to this page. You can access it from the side bar to the left hand side of the page, just below the Top Clicks section.

As you can probably tell, I adore taking photographs (even if they are of indifferent quality!) and often there is not the opportunity to share them with you here due to self imposed restrictions of time and applicability ;)

But if you would care to view some of my photographs of English country houses and the English countryside, some not relating to Jane Austen  at all( I know, who would believe I could be capeable do doing such a thing?!), then do feel free to wander along to Flickr to see them.

I will be adding to the account from time to time. At present you can see lots of previously unpublished pictures of Grimsthorpe Castle, Chatsworth and a set relating to the Duke of Ancaster’s Church,Normanton which is now almost completely surrounded by Rutland Water.