I thought you might enjoy a serendipitous collaboration between the BBC and the National Trust.

The National Trust has created a city skyline walk around Bath, and this week the BBC Radio 4 Programme Ramblings, now presented by the amiable Stuart Maconie, recorded him walking along the route in the company of some local police officers. The area covered in the walk is indicated in the section from John Cary’s map of Bath and its Environs (1812) above. It covers Claverton Down, Widecombe,and passes by Ralph Allen’s Prior Park: the landscape garden there is also a National Trust property.

The walk is a circular one of about 6 miles in length,and has marvellous views across the city, and if you are in Bath you might consider doing it for yourself.

However, wherever you are in the world,  if you have a look at the National Trust’s map-which you can see here -while listening to the programme, you can easily follow the route and  imagine the views that Jane Austen took on her walks to Widecombe and Beechen Cliff while she lived in Bath.

It’s a jolly programme, –accessible here– and is only 23 minutes long.  I’m sure,with the additional aid of the map, you will have a great idea of the terrain as they walk the path.