I posted a review of this book last year ,and I sadly had left it too late for you all to act on  as the hardback edition was already sold out in the UK and became sold out in the USA a few weeks later.

The good news is that it has recently been released in paperback form and is now freely available from the your local bookshop, main internet book sites and the publishers,Phillimore. I should like to thank my good friend, Rae, for this information.

As I noted in my review, linked above,  this is mainly a  gazetteer of 190 houses and villas built as country retreats around London from the 17th century onwards, and is written with great authority and verve by the distinguished architectural historian, Caroline Knight.

If you possibly can, do not miss this chance to buy this really fantastic book. As with any gazetteer it is meant to  be dipped into, not read at one sitting, and I have spent many an enjoyable evening virtually visiting  some grand houses all situated within the confines of the M25 orbital motorway.

It puts into context areas of London that are now almost totally urban in character but in Jane Austen’s era were rural places, villages separated from London by great estates like Osterley and Syon . It is a great help when reading Mansfield Park and Emma: I can thoroughly  recommend it to you. Get it while stocks last this time!