…on the 7th March 2011, and is now available to “pre-order” on all the well-known sites.

This was one of my favourite TV series of last year, and Amanda Vickery fully lived up to the promise of the evidence of her live lectures, revealing herself  to be a vibrant, sensitive and authoritative guide to the domestic habits of the differing classes of people living in the 18th century.

The series is sumptuously filmed on location throughout England and Wales, and is invaluable as a companion to Professors Vickery’s best selling and most excellent book,Behind Closed Doors upon which the series was based.

At present there is no sign of this being bought by foreign TV stations so if you have a multi region DVD( a must!) then I recommend you order this DVD now.

My reviews of the three programmes are accessible, herehere and here. My interview with one of the directors of the series,Neil Crombie, is accessible here and my interview with Professor Vickery about the series is accessible here.