Its Christmas Eve, the carols are being sung and the mince pies are baked…the house is full and so its time to say Goodbye for a while and  to Wish You All a Merry Christmas.

There will be no more new AustenOnly posts till New Year’s Eve, but to entertain you during the Christmas Break I will be posting some images each day from my 1906 edition of Christmas At Bracebridge Hall

This was the story that helped keep Georgian and older Christmas traditions alive in England, and which was written by the American author, Washington Irving. Go here to read an old post of mine about him and his links to England (and Maria Edgeworth ,obliquely!) The images are by C.E.Brock, whom many of you will know for his illustrations of Jane Austen’s works.

Today I give you  his illustration of the Squire of Bracebridge Hall, toasting the company with his Christmas Toast:

“With A Hearty Wish of Merry Christmas to All Present”