Many of you are already aware that I love this museum, set in East London and which is unusual in that it documents middle class interiors and gardens from 1600 to the present day. Its website is well worth exploring and it has two new additional features which I thought you might like to know about, for they are invaluable to those of us who are deeply  interested in the type of interiors Mrs Martin might have had at Abbey Mill Farm in Emma , or to see just how Charlotte Collins nee Lucas might have arranged the backwards-facing room which was her very own at the Rectory at Hunsford in Pride and Prejudice.

The first feature is a themed set of pages: Life in the Living Room 1600-2000

From this opening page you can click onto various pages where you will be taken to illustrations and descriptions of elements common to  livings rooms of the middling sort  during these periods. For example, this is an example of 18th century carpet

Here we have a group portrait of John Middleton and his family dating from 1795-7, showing a typically arranged living room  or parlour of  the period…

And here is a room set at the Geffrye Museum itself-part of the illustrations on these pages – showing a parlour circa 1770.

Also included is the new feature-Search the collections. New items ar being added to this section every week. If for example you search on the term  tea-pot, then the  seven items shown below will appear on your computer screen. You can then investigate each item further and, if you like, save it to your own “pinboard” so that you can print the details off later.

Marvellous: I have spent some hours investigating this feature already,and I hope you all enjoy it.