for some lightheartedness at AustenOnly, in addition to the usual round of book reviews and posts on Jane Austen news items.

As Elizabeth Bennet knew well,  the summer is the best time for visiting country houses and travelling ( the only drawback for her was the lack of Factor 50 suncream) and so…over the next few weeks I will be concentrating on bringing you posts about some of the  locations used in the various Jane Austen adaptations.

Indeed, I began this series a few weeks ago with my posts on the

Chatsworth House interiors, here and here.

I will be going to Bath, so expect some posts about the various places used in the Northanger Abbey and Persuasion adaptations….

and I have also been travelling about the countryside , having been given special permission to take photographs etc in some stunning places, and  so I will be bringing you some posts on locations used in the various Pride and Prejudice adaptations/films.

(Photograph reproduced here by kind permission of the Trustees of Burghley House)

I’ve added a new page to AustenOnly so that you can easily find all the links to the relevant posts: go here to see.

I do hope you will enjoy this lighthearted series, which I think will be  a little light entertainment for the summer months :-)