Lawrences Auctioneers of Crewkherne in Somerset– Sir Walter Elliots local auctioneers,as he hails from the nearby Kellynch Hall -are to hold a sale of Silver and Objects of Virtu next week: the on-line catalogue is  chock-a-block with precisely the type of luxurious gadgets Sir Walter and other Austen characters would have adored…such as….

A George III silver Marrow Scoop ( Would that be  appropriate for the gourmand of the Mansfield Rectory, Dr Grant?)

A George III Stilton Scoop ( Surely the perfect gift from Augusta Elton to her caro sposo)

A George III Tongue-scraper and Tweezers Combined ( The ideal gift for the vain Sir Walter?)

A Rare Wig Powderer dating from 1812 (  Mr Bennet  could not cause  havoc without this?)

A George III Gold mounted Malacca Cane  dating from 1760

A Neo-Classical Nutmeg grater- THE essential spice to add to one’s hot chocolate.

A Jockey Cap Tea Caddy Spoon made by one of my distant ancestors, Samuel Pemberton (  just THE thing for Tom Bertram at Newmarket-but he didn’t drink much tea there , did he?)

and finally a silver  apple corer…perfect for Mr Knightley to give to Jane Fairfax, perhaps, she suggested mischievously ?;-)

Do note you can enlarge all these photographs by clicking on them to examine the delightful detail…I hope you enjoyed this small tour of Georgian Luxury Gadgets and will find more to admire in Lawrences Catalogue :-)