As a sort of tribute to Jane Travers of the Jane Obsessed With Jane Blog,  whose homeland is Ireland,  I thought I would continue to post on a Jane Austen/ Irish theme this week.

As we already are aware, Eliza O’Neil was the Irish actress whom Jane Austen admired and who hugged Mr Younge Delightfully:

We were all at the Play last night, to see Miss o’Neal (sic) in” Isabella”… She is an elegant creature however and hugs Mr Younge delightfully.

(See letter from Jane Austen to Anna Austen dated 29th November 1814)

and Id like to share with you a short biographical article I found about her recently in a copy of  La Belle Assemblee , published in January 1816:

I’ve scanned the pages in and added them here.  And all you have to do to read them in comfort is to enlarge them.

I love the florid language of these magazines of the early 19th century. And it is comforting to realise that celebrity worship is not a new phenomenon ;-)