This is truly one of London’s hidden treasures.

I first visited it when I lived in London during the 1980s. I had a meeting in the road where it was located, found it unexpectedly,and after the meeting treated myself to a tour.

It’s raison d’être is to record and comment on middle class English interiors and gardens from 1600 to the present day. The Museum is named after Sir Robert Geffrye, who was once a Lord Mayor of London,  and is set in almshouses which were built in 1714 at the bequest of Sir Robert.

I’ve been back many, many times since and I thought you might like to share aspects of its website which almost make up for any inability to visit in person.

Here is a link to its Period Rooms Virtual Tour And here is a link to its wonderful panoramas:the one of the 1790s parlour is perhaps the most relevant to us. I can see Charlotte Collins nee Lucas adopting this bright but elegant colour scheme in her backwards facing room…as opposed to Mr Collins’ book room which looked out onto the road affording many a view of the de Bourgh’s carriages ;-)

Here is a link to its Vitual Tour of the Period Gardens,an aspect of the past that is often overlooked by museums.

I highly recommend a visit in person if possible, if not then do explore this wonderful website for a really good flavour of what the museum has to offer.