I’ve just discovered a lovely podcast by Amanda Vickery on the subject of her latest celebrated book, Behind Closed Doors, and I thought I ought to share it with you.

If you go to Apple’s ITunes Store, search “Blackwell Online Podcasts”,  provided you have the ITunes  software on your computer, you can then download Podcast Number 54, which is a 12 minute talk  by Professor Vickery on the process of researching her book, and  on its contents-with a special section on the meaning of Georgian Wallpaper and an interesting comment on the colour green and Jane Austen !

And it is entirely free.



Again available on  ITunes there is an Episode of the BBC History Magazine podcast series, which includes an interview with Professor Vickery on her recent BBC Radio 4 Series A History of Private Life. It was very wide ranging and engaging series,based on Behind Closed Doors but the series had a much wider scope in time.It begins 17 minutes into the podcast.

I will be attending Professor Vickery’s talk  at Kelmarsh Hall,Northamptonshire, on the 20th June,and I will be reporting back to you on that.