As many of you are fully aware, I love visiting Jane Austen’s house. I once had it nearly all to myself a few years ago on the day I was invited to the celebrations for the opening of Chawton House Library.

I arrived in Chawton village a little early for the lunch and decided to spend  45 minutes at Jane’s house. No one else was there  save for the volunteers. Bliss.

I thought you all might like to read a first hand account  of what it is like to be a volunteer at Jane Austen’s house. So, may I introduce you to another wonderful blogger, Beth Bonini, who in her post, Dispatches from Jane Austen’s House from her blog, From the Desk of Bee Drunken, allows us some glimpses into what it is like to spend time volunteering at the museum and  to meet the visitors drawn there by a love of Jane…some with fascinating stories to tell.

I do hope you also take some time to enjoy the rest of this  fabulous  blog: it is well worth while exploring ;-)