BBC  Radio 4 , broadcast this programme last week and initially it was not  available on the Listen Again facility : so I didn’t mention it…but now I’ve discovered there are indeed  two days left for you to listen. Damnation.

Rant over.

This is a fun semi- serious look at Horace Walpole’s

Gothick novel The Castle of Otranto, written anonymously in 1764  and the first of the Gothick novels, setting the tone for the whole genre.

It inspired both Mrs Radcliffe and Matthew Lewis,who wrote The Monk. The passion aroused by these novels and the fashion for them them so  fascinated Jane Austen that she  lampooned the genre and its followers in Northanger Abbey.

I really enjoyed the approach of Rory McGrath and found it a fascinating journey around the “Castle” itself, which was partly based on Walople’s home at Strawberry Hill

and many other places including colleges in Cambridge .

Im writing about Horace in detail later this week, but for the moment do go and listen again and enjoy :the programme lasts only half an hour. I’m sure you will all have fun listening to it.;-)