A new way to support the work of the Chawton House Library project has just been launched and I thought you might like to know about it. They now have a page on the Virgin Charity Website which enables donors to make financial donations to fund specific projects via the links on the page.

The projects include the following:

To buy a Book

To help Restore Edward Austen’s Silk Suit

which was probably the one he was wearing in this famous silhouette of him being presented to the Knights ,who “adopted” him

To help restore The Glass Houses in the Kitchen Garden

To support the upkeep of the  Chawton Shire Horses

and to fund the development of the Barn Education Centre

The work of the Library is fascinating,and I think it is a very worthy cause.  I have been a supporter of the project, in various ways, since its inception(I still have the first issue of the Female Spectator on display in my study) and I hope this new way of “giving” may tempt some of you to  donate to help keep this link with Jane Austen a vibrant and exciting place to be.