And so tonight is the screening by PSB in America of ITV’s adaptation of Northanger Abbey , scripted by Andrew Davies, starring JJ Feild as a rather delicious Henry  Tilney. My main  problems with this production that it did not film crucial scenes in Bath but instead substituted Georgian Dublin for  the city in the novel. I can  fully understand the financial reason for doing this, but to me a lot was lost by substituting Bath for another place( albeit another sumptuous Georgian city). Bath is a very important part of Northanger Abbey and Persuasion and not to use these famous sites menas that , for me, a certain  dimension was lost.

Next week PBS  is screening ITV’s version of Persuasion, which in spite of its faults did use Bath (!) and so in  honour of that, I will be  hosting a short Persuasion season here at AustenOnly from tomorrow.

I do hope you can join me.