I was lucky enough to receive a Kindle for Christmas.

It has transformed my reading habits. Small and light enough to be carried in my handbag wherever I go, as a result of owning it I’ve read far more than I ever did before. Its long battery life and the addition of a rather spiffy case with an integrated reading light have made me a very happy woman.

I downladed the complete works of  Jane  Austen (naturally, and within the first five minutes of owning it) for a song, but am terribly excited by the news, related to me by my dear friend Karen of Bookish NYC,  that the British Library is going to make lots of 19th century fiction available as free downloads for Kindle users.

I cannot ever contemplate buying a first edition of a Jane Austen novel (I’d rather keep the roof above my head in good order instead ) but I do own a facsimile copy of the first edition of Pride and Prejudice which was produced by the British Library in a  limited edition(and is still available to buy).

If the new e- books are of the same quality I will be happy.

And I really do look forward to the paperback facsimiles of the first editions too .

Brava British Library!