(Box Hill from Brayley and Britton’s Beauties of England and Wales, circa 1811)

To coincide with the airing on PBS Masterpiece in the US of the new BBC  production of Emma adapted by Sandy Welch and starring Romola Garai and Johnny Miller, which I understand takes place on 24th January, my promised season of Emma posts begins on Wednesday.

So, if you would like to learn more about Emma’s world, more about Mr Knightley -his horses,his estate, his role as  a magistrate and his dancing, more about the Martins and why they were such a good catch for Harriet, the food in Emma-cheese and (Shh !Don’t tell Mr Woodhouse) Bride Cake etc., etc., etc., – then please do turn up and join in.

I do hope you will all enjoy it. Emma is probably my favourite Austen novel, and so please do join me here to delve into the intimacies of  life in Highbury, Donwell and Hartfield.