Due to receiving many pressing requests for me to blog about Jane Austen and her life and  her world over the past few months, I have finally succumbed and created a place for us to talk in intimate detail about the social history of her times.

I am so glad to be able to  join the Austen blogging community at last and hope to be able to share  some insights in to the social history of Jane Austen’s world. As some of you know my  interest in her has been virtually life long and I love being able to use my library of resources, collected over a 30 year period, and my knowledge of the domestic detail – the food,  law and social customs- of her times to illuminate what some may think are obscure points in her text.

If you would like to contact me to suggest a topic for discussion , or indeed about anything else, please do so by contacting  me at

austenonly1-at- googlemail- dot- com

replacing the dots etc with the usual punctuation.

The engraving illustrating the header to this blog is of Hampstead Heath , Middlesex circa 1818 from my collection of topographical prints and engravings.